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Hamsa is currently home to 100 lone soldiers, most of whom are combat fighters, serving in the war zones across the country. In the light of the latest events, we are in need of financing the basic needs of our soldiers (personal gear and wear) as well as giving them the utmost comforting and embraced feeling when they return to their adopting families for a few days' rest (gift baskets). In addition, we also need to provide them with extra professional mental care, on top of what the Ministry of Defense provides.

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Israel at war
Iron Swords

Our soldiers mean the world to us!

They are fighting for our safety, let’s show them our love and appreciation.

As a sister program, Hamsa operates through the Habonim Dror payment platform. However, we clarify that 100% of your donation goes to Hamsa. Habonim Dror is a registered non-profit organization operating since 1982. Donations are eligible for tax deduction according to Article 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance (Israel). You receipt will be sent to you by email.

We appreciate your donation through these secured payment links

We thank you for your generous donation.

No amount is too little.

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Hamsa is an individual 5-year program for young olim ages 18-22 who wish to join the IDF.

Hamsa offers an enveloping, holistic experience and emphasize on personal attention and emotional support.

As a Hamsa participant, you choose the Kibbutz you wish to live in. Hamsa will support your optimal integration in Israeli society, all while allowing you to have a meaningful service in the IDF.    READ MORE

חמסה סגולה.png
Hamsa accompanied me from the moment I started ulpan in the kibbutz. All the stages of the first summon and the bureaucratic dealings, they directed me of what I want to do and the actual implementation. Today I am already a soldier and Hamsa is still with me. They help with things in the army and in the kibbutz. It is very convenient to have someone there for you. I know they'll be by my side even when I'm released, we've already talked about plans for the future...


The Hamsa Stages


Welcome Home!

Live on Kibbutz, acquire a high level of Hebrew before drafting,  army preparation course and drafting process assistance


IDF Service

Meaningful army service. 24/7 professional support. Foster family on the Kibbutz.


Spread your wings

Counseling and guidance, assimilation into the Israeli society. Employment and Education support

You may be a lone soldier
but you’ll never truly be alone


+972 50 338 7468

1 Hayasmin Street, Ramat Efal

(Ramat Gan) 5296000 Israel

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Working With Our Partners

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