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You may be a lone soldier,

but you’ll never truly be alone

Five year enveloping experience in the Kibbutzim


A little about us

Welcome to the Hamsa Program,

The program is the fruit of the collaboration between KKL-JNF, The Jewish Agency for Israel and the Kibbutz Movement- Habonim Dror which was founded with the understanding that there is a significance in making a enveloping and continuously supporting program for young lone Olim from the moment of their arrival in Israel, before their military enrollment, throughout their service, and a year after the end of their service as they make their first steps in re-integration in the Israeli civilian society. In Israeli culture the Hamsa (a palm shaped amulet with an eye in the middle) symbolizes the Hand of God and serves as a protective sign which brings happiness, health, luck and good fortune to its owners. In Arabic Hamsa translates to five, thus presenting the unique five year program which encourages you to make Aliyah, experience Israel through its Kibbutzim and will provide you with a variety of unique experiences including: learning Hebrew, practicing and developing skills that will help you in your military service as well as in your daily life, a once a in a lifetime experience that opens many opportunities for you and aids in evolving your maturity and will help to successfully integrate you into the Israeli society as civilians with escort by professionals, the Lone Soldier department from the Kibbutz Movement, foster families and Kibbutz members.

Abot Us
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Our vision

The Hamsa Program will encourage the Aliyah of Jewish youths to Israel and will provide an enveloping five-year program in the Kibbutzim for their optimal integration in the Israeli society, all while bringing them to have a meaningful service in the IDF and promoting the settlement of the Negev and the Galil

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The Vision


A five-year program for any lone Olim that are eligible for service in the IDF


Five year program for any young “olim” before their enrollment in the military


The fruit of the labor of collaboration between KKL-JNF, the Jewish Agency for Israel and the Kibbutz movement: Habonim Dror


Target audience: young lone Olim ages 18-22 that are eligible for military service

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A supporting and enveloping experience: the Olim will be accompanied by the Lone Soldier department from the Kibbutz Movement, and will continue accompanying them in their military enrollment, throughout and after their service


Professional content: with the Olim’s arrival in Israel, they will take part in social programs in the Kibbutz Movement as well as extensive educational programs that will be taught by professionals and military personnel which contains professional content regarding enrollment in the IDF as well as their expected service and integration in the Israeli society


The Hamsa Program is inspired by the late Tzvika Levy, an Israel prize laureate and legendary advocate of the IDF who was considered the “father of the lone soldiers” 

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Azrieli Towers

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